Fakuma 2018, BASF Will Showcase The Latest PPA Products

Following the launch of the Ultramid Advanced N series, BASF launched another series of polyphthalamides (PPA) at the FLASTMA exhibition: Ultramid Advanced T1000 – a new range of compounds based on polyamide 6T/6I .

In the Ultramid range, the Ultramid Advanced T1000 series offers high strength and stiffness and exhibits stable mechanical properties at temperatures up to 120 ° C (dry) and 80 ° C (wet).

Due to the aromatic chemical structure of the material part, it has a high degree of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance – superior to conventional polyamides and many other PPA materials on the market.

This product line can be used in the automotive industry, especially in areas where materials need to remain rugged regardless of temperature and climatic conditions, as well as other industries with moisture or chemical resistance requirements.

Abdullah Shaikh, head of BASF’s global PPA team, said: “The new materials used to replace metals are key to the development of next-generation lightweight, high-performance components. In recent years, the pursuit of miniaturization, higher efficiency and functional integration has been pursued. With the development trend, the demand for materials in the market has increased dramatically.”

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