External Mesh Melt Gear Pump Revolution

No Marg gear pump products are as efficient as the new 6th generation gear pump x6. The significantly increased volumetric efficiency of the Marg 6th generation gear pumps allows the product to operate at lower speeds, lower shear rates and lower temperatures, thus reducing melt residence time. This will help increase production rates, improve polymer quality and extend pump life while significantly reducing power consumption.

Due to the increased pressure building capacity, a finer filter can be used downstream. Higher volumetric efficiency and less pulsation ensure higher quality and more stable size of the final product. Therefore, the overall quality of the products has also been further improved.

Thanks to its increased operating range, Magma’s new gear pumps help users to produce a wider range of products because the same pump can handle up to five different viscosity grades of polymer while ensuring that the pump is fast between different formulations. Switch.

Manfred Waeckerlin, director of pump business operations, added: “Magma’s new generation of pumps helps customers broaden their operating range. The new pump can operate at higher speeds due to the huge improvement in volumetric efficiency compared to the old gear pump melts. The temperature does not rise. In addition, at lower speeds, the boosting capacity is also significantly improved, and the productivity range is increased from the lowest to the highest. This helps our users adjust the output according to their needs. The sixth generation extrex® x6 Class The gear pump is a true new generation of gear pumps, creating a new standard for melt gear pumps.”

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