Erima Launches Innovative VACUNITE Recycling Bottle To Bottle Technology

EREMA, an Austrian plastics recycling equipment specialist, presented its newly developed VACUNITE technology at a recent PETnology conference in Paris. The technology combines the company’s classic VACUREMA recycled bottle-to-bottle process with Polymetrix’s latest patented technology, Vacuum Solid Phase Polycondensation (SSP).

Why is this combination so special? Because all heat treatment steps are carried out in nitrogen. The quality of rPET pellets produced by this production process is superior to the material requirements of all food grade products.

The introduction of this innovative VACUNITE technology will help EREMA further improve the product portfolio of PET recycling solutions and help solve the challenges of recycled PET (rPET) in the future.

Christoph Wöss, business development manager for EREMA PET bottles, said: “As people become more aware of the way they handle plastics in a responsible manner, the government is calling on the industry to adopt the right plastics treatment, and all major brands have to take the initiative to take responsibility for the end products. Renewable performance.”

In order to meet these requirements, more and more products and materials of different quality must be recyclable based on different collection systems; at the same time, large brands are more rigorous in terms of product recycling requirements.

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