ENGEL No Tie Rod Technology Reduces Unit Cost

The tie-bar technology is a unique selling point for ENGEL and the key to cost efficiency. Since the mold fixing template on the ENGEL victory injection molding machine can be used for the tool holder, a relatively small injection molding machine can be installed with a large mold. This is particularly effective when certain multi-cavity molds are used, although their size is large, but the precise formation of a relatively small part surface requires a relatively small clamping force. Therefore, in the case of a pull rodless injection molding machine, the machine size is not determined by the mold volume, but by the clamping force required for the molding process. With tie-barless technology, many applications use much smaller injection molding machines; this keeps investment and operating costs low while conducive to compact manufacturing units.

The patented force divider in the tie-barless clamping unit enables the moving mold template to accurately follow the mold while forming the clamping force and to ensure that the applied force is evenly distributed over the entire surface. This means that both the outer and inner chambers remain closed with exactly the same force, which results in an extremely consistent wall thickness. The use of extremely low-viscosity materials such as LSR also reliably prevents burrs, so injection molded parts do not require subsequent processing.

Other advantages of the tie-barless clamping unit include improved ergonomics, saving installation time and efficient automation concepts. The robot has maximum freedom of movement and can enter the mold area from the side without being obstructed. Due to these two factors, the ENGEL victory is ideal for use in clean rooms. In addition, the tie rodless mold area has advantageously reduced air disturbances.

Equally important, the energy-efficient operation of the victory injection molding machine helps to improve overall efficiency. These injection molding machines come standard with servo hydraulic ecodrive.

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