Elastomers Of The World Cup

As the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic elastomers, Aramenko, an important part of its products is used for the production of sporting goods, including the production of balls for the World Cup in Russia. Let us take a look at what products they have.

Balls: Although hollow but full of high technology

Aramco’s products are used in football, basketball and golf. The ball for this World Cup match is the use of Keltan® Eco. Strong rubber support, coupled with the outer layer of foam rubber to ensure the best rebound effect. No matter what kind of ball, you need to maintain long-term shape stability. Arang Shinco’s ball uses inflatable X_Butyl® bladders. The butyl rubber from TSR BU is particularly airtight. It is also suitable for squash and elasticity is very good. For hard balls like golf balls, Buna® butadiene rubber envelops the hard sphere to ensure it is flying perfectly in the air.

Footwear: Lightweight Q

For track and field athletes, sports shoes are their half legs. Arang Shinco uses hybrid rubber technology (Butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber with Buna rubber, and butyl rubber X_Butyl, Ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber Levapren® and nitrile butadiene rubber Krynac® and Perbunan ®. Made of a shoe sole that is cushioning, ergonomic and durable. In addition, travel shoes, beach shoes, etc. will also be used to Arang Shinco products, such as Buna emulsion styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene-styrene copolymer soles made of durable and difficult to fade.

Sports protection: how to move, are not afraid

Alanshine’s ethylene-vinyl acetate synthetic rubber is used to make soft foam protection pads for helmets, elbows and knee pads. It is a good choice for football players, hockey players and cyclists. Motorcyclists also use Levapren reinforced special protective clothing.

Water equipment: fearless

Aramco Baypren® neoprene can be used for the production of wetsuits, shoes, diving masks and gloves, and has excellent thermal insulation properties. The sun and sea water have little influence on him, which makes it suitable for water sports, including surfing. And windsurfing.

Sports Injuries: Bouncing, Injured

Baypren® neoprene orthopedic bandages provide protection for injured elbows, wrists, and knees, and they provide sufficient support to help with healing while ensuring joint mobility.

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