DSM Introduces New Generation Of Low Temperature Curing Powder Coating Resins

The Royal DSM Group of the Netherlands launched a new generation of Uralac® EasyCure low temperature curing powder coating resin during the China18 International Coatings Show (ChinaCoat).

The new Uralac® EasyCure P 3226 and P 3227 resins cure at 160oC for 10-15 minutes and give the powder coating excellent weatherability. In addition, these two resins can effectively reduce the curing energy required for powder coatings in architectural aluminum and heavy machinery, and improve the curing efficiency of the coating line, fully demonstrating DSM’s firm commitment to promote the sustainable development of the coatings industry.

Curing speed can be increased by up to 50%

The new generation of Uralac® EasyCure low temperature curing resins will benefit metal coatings manufacturers and their customers, especially for heavy machinery customers. One of the most common problems in the production of heavy machinery is the curing process of mechanical parts after spraying.

In the past, the only corresponding measure was to expand the curing oven, but this method was costly. Nowadays, heavy machinery manufacturers can simply use the original curing oven to complete the curing process by simply changing the powder coating. Thanks to the fast curing technology of the new resin, heavy machinery manufacturers can reduce the average curing time from 10 to 12 minutes to 5 to 6 minutes, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Up to 45% savings in curing energy

In addition, heavy machinery and building profiles can also choose to keep the curing time constant while curing the coating, but reduce the curing oven temperature, so that the natural gas consumption and energy costs can be saved up to 45%, and the reduction from 160 to 200 degrees. Warm up waiting time.

In the past, powder coatings typically required curing at 200oC for 10-15 minutes, and now only need to cure at 160oC for 10 minutes. In addition, low-temperature curing powder coatings have other potential advantages, such as high powder rate and low precipitation in the furnace, which can be verified by mass production.

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