DSM Dyneema® Has A Low Carbon Environmental Mission

At CHINAPLAS 2018, Dr. Yang Xiaowei, Director of Dinima China Business and Dr. Timothy J. Kidd, New Business Development Manager, introduced the research of Dyneema® related products during the magazine interview. Innovation results.

According to reports, Dyneema® reinforced carbon fiber composite material is made of high-strength Dyneema® ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and carbon fiber, which has the advantages of good toughness, light weight and low vibration. Traditional carbon fiber composites are extremely rigid, but they are brittle and easily broken. When combined with Dyneema® fiber, they can greatly improve the impact resistance of the parts and enhance their safety performance. In addition, Dyneema® has a low carbon environmental mission with the goal of further reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product. In 2020, it plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, reduce energy use by 20%, and save 15% of water use.

It is understood that DSM has taken three major measures to make Dyneema® a more environmentally friendly material. In the production process, in addition to the previously mentioned reduction of energy and water consumption, the use of renewable energy is also advocated; in terms of innovation, DSM continues to innovate and strive to achieve higher performance with less raw materials. In terms of industry cooperation, the company is committed to using investment initiatives to guide the circular economy.

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