Dow DuPont’s New Adhesive Debut

At the 2018 Compamed, Dow Silicone exhibited the new Dow Corning MG7-1020 soft skin adhesive.

According to Dow, the adhesive has the highest adhesion and wear resistance in all of the company’s soft-skin adhesives, and it does not cause skin sensitivity and discomfort that are common with acrylic adhesives.

Marie Crane, head of global medical equipment at Dow Silicone, said: “Dow’s silicones continue to open up a range of silicone materials, such as the new soft-skin adhesives we introduced at Compamed – which have proven to be safe and effective for many different applications. In the healthcare sector, our innovative direction in silicone adhesives is the development of new wearable devices. The development of liquid silicone rubber, such as selective adhesion to resin substrates, opens up new possibilities for design. Special polymers, our combined technology offers great flexibility to equipment manufacturers.”

The company also exhibited two pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) – Dow Corning MG7-2402 and Dow Corning MG7-2502 adhesives, which are specifically designed for non-sensitive, non-irritating adhesion of medical devices. These two adhesives are biocompatible, highly adhesive and skin friendly and are more resistant to abrasion.

In addition, Michael Johnson, Dow’s director of global healthcare, lubricants and fluids research and development, said: “DuPont Specialty Polymers itself has the essential properties required for high-profile healthcare applications. These thermoplastics and Dow silicone elastomers The combination of adhesives and fluids is an exponential benefit to our customers. As designers seek unique combinations of materials to achieve breakthroughs in monitoring and treatment technologies such as wearables and wireless connectivity technology, these synergies It will increasingly show its value.”

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