Does The Popularity Of 3D Printing Mean The Decline Of The Mold Industry?

In recent years, 3D printing technology (additional manufacturing) has suddenly become a hot spring. It has been heatedly talked about by experts from all walks of life. It is predicted by the experts that the 3D printing and manufacturing products are supernatural, and even more predicting that the mold industry has become a “dead end”.

First of all, we must distinguish the roles. The significance of industrial molds is to achieve high-volume efficient production and minimize production costs. However, 3D printing currently only solves the production of a small number of samples, and its efficiency and cost are not a hierarchy compared to the production of molds.

Instead, 3D printing brought innovation to the mold manufacturing industry and brought vitality. Because the trial products can be obtained and confirmed in advance through 3D printing, this reduces repeated mold changes after mold opening and even causes failure of mold projects. In addition, the advent of metal 3D printing technology means that it can manufacture molds for conformal cooling waterways, greatly improving mold production efficiency and product quality.

In fact, 3D printing is a very promising technology. We must apply it correctly, but we cannot be confused by some illusions.

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