Disposable Wearable Drug Delivery Device

Enable Injections’ wearable drug delivery device. Biopharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry. Biologics are derived from microbial, plant or animal cells and are commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases.

Biologics need to be injected into the body by injection or intravenous infusion. Patients usually need to go to a professional medical institution to receive drugs or painfully self-injected at home.

In response to these difficulties, Enable Injections has developed a wearable disposable drug delivery device that allows patients to comfortably apply large or high viscosity therapeutic agents. Enable Injections instrument components are injection molded from Covestro’s medical grade polycarbonate materials.

The light purple casing of the delivery device is made of Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate. The delivery system is made from a blend of white Baibenlan® M850 XF PC ABS, which helps patients easily transfer biological agents from their original containers to Enable Injections.

Makrolon® Rx1805 Polycarbonate is a medical grade resin commonly used in the manufacture of transparent parts for medical devices to provide the following benefits to the device’s outer casing, including: high energy radiation sterilization; biocompatibility; ISO 10993 compliant -1 Multiple requirements for evaluation; High viscosity; High tolerance to oil and fat chemicals.

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