Development And Application Of High Speed Injection Molding Technology

With the rapid development of polymer materials and manufacturing, engineering plastics are widely used in precision instruments, electronic instruments, audio-visual products, medical equipment, communication equipment and optical lenses. Most of these plastic products are small in size, small in quality, complex in shape or ultra-thin wall, and their parameters such as dimensional accuracy, shape and position error, quality stability, and apparent quality are required to be high. High-speed injection molding is imperative.

At present, high-speed injection molding technology mainly includes full hydraulic high-speed machine, all-electric high-speed machine and electro-hydraulic compound high-speed machine. The early high-speed injection molding technology was all hydraulic. It has many unique advantages in molding precision and complex shapes. However, its control technology is difficult, the machining precision is high, and the hydraulic technology precision control is difficult to master.

Due to the mature application and price drop of servo motors, as well as the need for environmental protection and energy saving, in recent years, all-electric high-speed injection molding technology has become more and more, and it has advantages in environmental protection and energy saving, but it is not as good as the service life. Hydraulic injection molding machine with high cost. Therefore, it is imperative to develop an electro-hydraulic compound high-speed machine. It is a new type of injection molding machine integrating hydraulic and electric drive. It combines the advantages of full hydraulic injection molding machine in forming precise and complex shapes and all-electric positioning accuracy. And the advantages of saving energy and small noise, and the cost is lower than that of the all-electric injection molding machine.

The development and application of high-speed injection molding technology will greatly enhance the technical level of injection molding machines in the industry, especially the design and development level and level of precision series injection molding machines, and promote the development and competitiveness of the plastic machine industry in the industry. has great significance.

High-speed injection molding is mainly used in the following aspects: PP, PE, PS, various thin-walled products, such as disposable lunch boxes, aviation cups, IML boxes; high-volume products, such as syringes, and sophisticated industrial parts, etc. These products are consumables, and the market gap is large. Moreover, such products are easy to recycle, can be processed into other products, recycled, and will not pollute the environment, and the market prospect is wide.

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