Covestro Creates A New Transparent Window Solution

Covestro presents innovative film solutions at TRUSTECH, held in Cannes, France from November 27th to 29th, 2018, through the polycarbonate (PC) film of the gramford® range and the thermoplastic polyurethane of the Platilon® range. (TPU) film, a transparent window solution for creating new license data pages.

Transparent window solution: higher security

In the field of identity documents, the role of transparent windows on ID card and passport personal data pages is becoming more and more significant. Covestro has created a new window concept that takes the transparent window security concept to a whole new level by optimizing the polycarbonate license structure process and streamlining the production process, while making the license more difficult to tamper with and copy by criminals.

A flat, uniform surface is important for the manufacture of ID cards. Covestro has developed a very thin opaque film that is especially suitable for seamless connection in transparent window applications.

With this innovative film solution, it is no longer necessary to fill the window area after the card has been cut with additional transparent plate material and processes. During the lamination process, the transparent coating layer can naturally fill the chopped film window area.

This innovative structure provides more space for the transparent layer and higher security, even for complex window shapes. The thin opaque film further simplifies the lamination process and shortens the manufacturing cycle.

More streamlined production process

“We are proud to offer our customers solutions that streamline the production process,” explains Cengiz Yesildag, Head of Global ID/Security at Covestro. “The gram-free ID opaque film offers the advantage of making it easier to build a transparent window for a security card while reducing the lamination cycle.”

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