Combined Caps To Launch Bio-Based Compression Plastic Caps

Luxembourg-based cap manufacturer UNITED CAPS and Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem announced that they will supply bio-based plastic caps made from sugar cane.

Bioethanol is a raw material for green polyethylene. The bio-based plastic used in the combined cap is a renewable bioplastic that replaces traditional petrochemical raw materials and is made from sugar cane. As a renewable raw material, sugar cane captures carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during each of its growth cycles. This means that the production of new green polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional polyethylene made from fossil materials.

The combined cap will be manufactured from Brassco’s bioplastic resin to produce its VICTORIA range of caps and PROFLATSEAL. Among them, VICTORIA series cap is a 30/25 screw cap specially designed for non-foaming beverages, PROFLATSEAL is a cap specially designed for dairy products and non-foaming beverages, which can withstand pressurized and non-pressurized irrigation. Install the application.

“There is no doubt that green polyethylene is suitable for all life end scenarios. Our ethanol is made from renewable raw materials and has a clear supply chain regulatory certification.” Brendan Hill, Sales Manager, Brasko Netherlands Say.

“Using bio-based plastics to develop high-performance lightweight caps is our way to pursue more sustainable operations,” said Astrid Hoffman-Lester, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of United Caps.

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