Coffee Capsules Will Be The Next Development Market

The demand for single-dose capsules is expected to continue to grow, such as coffee capsules. Sacmi’s CCM (Continuous Molding) molding press series is one of the industry’s shortest cycle times, with up to 2,000 molds per minute for a production speed of up to 2,000 lids per minute.

According to Sacmi, molding technology has an inherent advantage in terms of productivity, energy efficiency and reliability. It operates at lower temperatures, which reduces the stress on the material and extends the working life of the machine and equipment.

Raffaella Ghetti, Sackemi’s director of caps, containers and PET business, said that beverages are currently the company’s most important market, “but now we are also focusing on another market – coffee capsules. This is in line with our machine application, and coffee capsules Growing in Europe and North America.”

She believes that single-dose coffee capsules will be popular everywhere. Coffee capsules are not only suitable for coffee, but also for milk, tea or various types of solutions, but also help to change people’s living habits.

The production of coffee capsules is also a continuous hydraulic compression molding machine that produces caps. In the production process, the material mixture is extruded, cut into individual particles, inserted into a mold cavity, and finally shaped into capsules according to the specified shape.

“More challenging for coffee capsules is the compounding of multiple layers of materials. The material can be PP, ABS or EVOH, and even bio-based compounds may be used in the future,” she added.

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