Coca-Cola Company’s New Measures For Recycling Economy!

Recently, an industrial consultancy named DEMETO announced that The Coca-Cola Company has become a member of its partner and is committed to the European PET chemical recycling project. Participants in this project received funding from the Horizon2020 research and innovation project.

DEMETO and Coca-Cola have common interests in the process of recycling plastics and closing economic circles. As one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers, Coca-Cola is dependent on PET for various applications. From transportation to packaging, it has long been recognized as an industry leader in supporting and enabling PET recycling.

Coca-Cola’s recycling problem:

Every year, the company produces 1.2 billion bottles and jars. We have been working hard to reduce packaging and make our existing packaging more sustainable. We also support the development of circular economy. In this case, we consume less resources. At the same time, we are also committed to projects that were previously considered to be wastes and turned into new materials and products.

Maria Luisa Polli, Technical Director of Coca-Cola Central and Eastern Europe, said: “Customers all over the world want companies like ours to become leaders and make a world without waste possible. Through our “World Without Waste”. With our vision, we are investing in solving the current problem of packaging waste and making it a thing of the past.We will achieve this goal by refocusing on the entire packaging lifecycle—from how we design and manufacture bottles and cans to how to recycle and reuse them. The sustainable and profitable way to produce recycled PET is an important step forward, which is why we are very pleased to cooperate with DEMETO in a broader industry and help create new revolutionary technologies to support the recycling economy. ”

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