Car Decoration Parts: Two Plate Machine Force In The Area

With the successful entry in the field of car lights, Izumi’s injection molding machines have gradually won the trust of auto parts companies supporting OEMs, and have focused on the application requirements of automotive decorative parts – dimensional stability, stable weight, and non-melting marks on the surface. , Electroplating parts without capillary and peeling, to provide customers with high value return solutions.

Today, Yi Zhimi’s customers in the automotive decoration industry include many well-known local companies such as Huawei Die, Jiangsu Richang, Danyang Xinglong, Changzhou Tenglong and Jiangsu Riying. In addition, the introduction of two-plate injection molding machine in recent years is even more welcomed by such companies, not only can shape large plastic parts, but also to meet the micro-foaming, low-pressure injection molding process needs.

Warwick Mould: UN1850D1 Stable Test

The world’s largest car bumper mold manufacturing company – Changzhou Warwick Mould Co., Ltd., mainly provides exterior and interior molds for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford and other global well-known automobile companies. Covers about 200 vehicle models, and successfully applied cutting-edge technologies such as micro-foaming and hot runner servo needle valves to meet market demand for light weight and environmental protection.

Warwick Mould officially cooperated with Yizhimi in 2016. It batch-purchased UN160A5, UN320A5, UN1000A5 and UN1850D1, and UN2200A2. It is currently in stable operation in injection molding and test-mold workshops, and successfully tested the bumpers of brands such as Audi and BMW. Spoiler mold, product weight repeat accuracy of 3 inches. According to the employees of Warwick Mould Test-Mould Factory, the equipment used in Iraq is very stable, easy to operate, and able to quickly grasp.

Jiangsu Richang: optimistic about two board machine D1

Jiangsu Richang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Danyang City, a hometown of “automobiles and motorcycle parts”. It specializes in R&D and manufacturing of auto parts such as automotive lighting and interior and exterior trim parts. Currently it is a first-tier supplier of the Huachen Group and has a lighting assembly line. ,Automatic plastic auto spraying production line, the product includes front and rear bumper assembly, brackets, lights, decorative strips and so on.

In 2016, the company formally cooperated with Izumi, and purchased UN650A5 in advance. The product quality meets the expected requirements. Thanks to A5’s good working conditions and perfect local services, Jiangsu Richang added two orders for two boards before the Spring Festival this year. UN1850D1, UN1100D1.

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