Can The Mold Also Enjoy VIP Service?

Worldwide, the demand for unilaterally providing integrated system solutions is on the rise. To this end, ENGEL is building a network of dispersed mold specialists in its sales area.

The project started in China. Two mold managers from the Shanghai division of ENGEL Machinery, Davy Kong and Ian Wang, received intensive training at the Austrian headquarters. They are now working closely with other mold technicians in Austria and business and application technology departments in Austria and Asia.

In China, they advise Engel customers on mold projects, develop mold solutions, and work with mold production partners to tailor products and manufacturing processes.

“Injection mold technology requires us to be a supplier of system solutions and a lot of coordination and close cooperation with plastics processing plants. This is why we need mold technology expertise and have a language to speak with them,” ENGEL Group CSOChristoph Steger “This simplifies project management and speeds up the launch of a new manufacturing solution,” says the Ph.D. “As long as we accurately coordinate all the components in a manufacturing unit from the start – including injection molding machines, molds and automation technology – – Higher productivity and component quality and a more stable process,” explains Udo Stahlschmidt, who is responsible for Engel’s mold technology division.

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