Britain Plans To Impose New Tax On Non-Recycled Plastic Packaging

According to reports, British Finance Minister Philip Hammond said on Monday that the UK will impose a new tax on plastic packaging manufacturers or importers with a recycling rate of less than 30%.

Based on input from public consultations, the measures to reduce pollution and address global climate issues will begin in April 2022.

“This new tax will encourage packaging manufacturers to use renewable materials, increasing the market demand for this material.” After Hammond announced the measures, the Treasury added.

Rupert Haworth, marketing director at Recycling Technologies, said the new initiative would encourage recycling. The company is a recycling company that specializes in converting plastic waste into oil and reshaping it into plastic.

“This will promote new investments in domestic plastic recycling innovation and capacity, and provide recycled plastic materials to the industry.”

Hammond added that he will continue to study the use of disposable take-away plastic cups, but concludes that taxation is not an effective way to encourage widespread use of recycled materials.

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