Bottle Change Bag: Starlinger’s Gold Medal Design

Starlinger of Austria obtained the 2018WorldStar Gold Award for Sustainable Development for its recycling of recycled plastic bags.

This rPET PP*STAR fold-bottom bag is made of plastic fabric made from used PET plastic bottles and is suitable for dry pet food, fertilizer, sugar, flour, or rice. The bag itself weighs only 117 grams, but it can hold 50 kilograms of fertilizer and is very resistant to breakage. This bag can be recycled after use, thus achieving closed-loop production. The production transport of rPET PP*STAR is quite low carbon.

Given the many advantages of PET plastics, Starlinger has also developed other packaging such as rPET FIBC (flexible medium or large bags) and sheets for food trays (viscoSHEET).

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