Borealis Quentys Polyolefin Packaging Film

A number of independent tests have confirmed that Borealis polyolefin encapsulants based on Quentys technology can extend the life of solar PV modules and increase power output over the life of the components. Compared to traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) products, Borealis polyolefin encapsulants continue to perform well in the following properties: reducing component power attenuation due to UV radiation or corrosion of component materials due to environmental humidity, Reduce the incidence of electrochemical failure accidents.

“Solar energy has great potential to advance the transformation of the global power industry. Our new solar brand Quentys and the innovative applications derived from this brand are undoubtedly the best in our application of the concept of “creating value through innovation” in the field of solar energy. “There is a new business model that supplies packaging modules to PV module manufacturers, and we will continue to look for the full potential of renewable energy on a global scale,” said Maria Ciliberti, vice president of marketing and new business development for Borealis. Various innovative ways. ”

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