Borealis And Bockatech Team Up To Develop Foam Injection Molding Solutions

Borealis recently announced the formation of a new strategic alliance with Bockatech, a UK startup green technology company.

It is reported that Bockatech’s EcoCore technology combined with Borealis’ BH381MO grade and Daploy WB140HMS grade can produce lightweight foam injection molding solutions.

This is an environmentally friendly way to produce reusable, recycled high performance packaging. This jointly developed solution is available worldwide.

The use of EcoCore for foam molding requires less material and a faster cycle time, which reduces material costs, energy use and environmental impact. The investment cost of new equipment is also small.

The foamed material made with EcoCore technology is a 100% recyclable monomer material, so the finished end product is also recyclable. The surface of the product is smooth and ready for printing.

The foamed material is not only ultra-lightweight, but also has good thermal insulation properties. It is also suitable for plastic container recycling deposit return schemes. The program can increase the recycling rate of plastics by 94% and reduce the use of plastic products or plastic waste into the marine ecosystem.

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