Boeing Began To Recycle Aerospace Composites!

Boeing, the world’s leading aerospace manufacturer, and the UK’s ELG carbon fiber have recently collaborated to recycle aerospace-grade composite materials into electronic components and automotive equipment.

It is reported that the agreement reached between the two parties is “the first application of the same kind to the aerospace industry” agreement. The partnership will include recycling of carbon fiber surplus materials from 11 Boeing production plants and is expected to cut more than 1 million pounds of solid waste annually.

There are no longer technical barriers.

As the world’s largest aerospace composites company, Boeing applies composite materials to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and all new Boeing 777X aircraft. However, the company found that there were “technical barriers” to the processing of the aircraft during the manufacturing process or the re-use of the materials for the preparatory work. This ELG said that it can solve this “technical barrier.”

It is understood that ELG has developed a patented method to reuse the processed composite materials. The company processes the excess material through a furnace to vaporize the synthetic resin and re-polymerize the carbon fiber layer to retain the cleaning material.

ELG has now conducted an innovative pilot project in Washington, demonstrating that this recycling method can be gradually expanded to handle large material turnover. The pilot site of the pilot project is also home to Boeing’s mainframe wing factory.

In the past year and a half, ELG and Boeing have saved 1.5 million pounds of carbon fiber material. These materials are cleaned by ELG and sold to the electronics industry and land transportation industry.

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