BASF Invests In China’s 3D Printing Field Expert Plymouth

BASF Ventures announced that it will invest in China’s leading 3D printing process and 3D printer manufacturer Shanghai Pulisheng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. (Plyson) to jointly promote the development of 3D printing industry. The patented technology developed by Plymouth combines high-speed batch printing, high accuracy and low cost. BASF’s investment supports Plymouth’s accelerated product development and related R&D to expand its market presence and have access to global markets.

Markus Solibieda, managing director of BASF Ventures, said: “This is our first investment project for Chinese companies. Plymouth’s groundbreaking technology can improve the stability of large-scale components, making medical braces and anatomical models the first time. Produced in 3D printing. This investment project is also in line with BASF’s strategy to increase new technology investment and expand its product range in 3D printing.”

Hou Feng, founder and chairman of Plyson, said: “3D printing technology will change the world one day, but it must first change itself. Plymouth is committed to being the leader of change, promoting technology development through solutions and professional technology adjustment. BASF’s investment allows us to focus more on improving our R&D capabilities, which is one of the fundamental elements of our company’s goals.”

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