Auxiliary Automation

The rapid development of the injection molding industry has brought more room for automation for the automation of press peripherals (ie, auxiliary machines). Such as the central feed automation system can achieve centralized processing and storage of raw materials, through the closed conveyor system, with a one-to-many automatic controller to send a variety of different raw materials to the injection molding machine in accordance with demand.

The central feeding system produced by Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd., an integrated manufacturer of intelligent manufacturing services, has been widely used in the injection molding workshops of major companies, and has realized continuous 24-hour supply operations for all used materials in the system. The special functions of each machine can realize special requirements such as dehumidification, drying, conveying, metering and mixing of raw materials. The Central Feeding System has a variety of monitoring and protection functions and is safe and reliable. It is a core premise for enterprises to realize an unmanned chemical plant

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