Automotive High-Performance Plastics Exhibition

With the development of lightweight vehicles, engineering plastics are widely used in automotive interior and exterior, under-the-hood components, and powertrain systems because of their ease of processing and their light weight and durability.

PC/ABS functional spoiler struts achieve weight reduction of 86%

The functional spoiler struts of the GM 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE are made of Trinseo’s Pulse 2000EZ PC/ABS resin instead of metal.

This spoiler strut is not only stylish, aerodynamic, but also 86% lighter while meeting strength/stiffness requirements. It also uses an innovative connection scheme that connects the struts to the spoiler and the vehicle without exposing the long bolts and compression stops of the fixture. This uniquely designed mold core puller enables hollow pillars.

Polycarbonate rear triangular window weight loss 40%

The rear triangular window of SAIC General Motors (SGM) 2017 Buick GL8. The rear triangular window of the SAIC GM8 (SGM) 2017 Buick GL8 is the largest (1200 x 450 mm) two-component polycarbonate rear triangular window (RQW) ever produced on a mass-produced vehicle in the global automotive industry.

This rear triangular window is made of Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) Lexan GLX143 PC Cycoloy XCM830 PC/ABS resin, which is 40% lighter (lighter than 3kg) and has better impact resistance than the equivalent glass RQW. It also has design projects that are not possible with glass, giving the new generation GL8 a more innovative look.

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