Auto Bumpr Plastic Injection Mold

Bumpers are designed to cover a wide area of the front and back of the car to accommodate different models’s varying heights and degrees of protrusion. Fit Precision Mold Co.,Ltd,your good choice for casting die making and aluminum casted products production.

Fit Precision Mold Co.,Ltd offers mold design and mold manufacturing applied for different designs auto bumpers. We have successfully supplied high quality plastic injection automotive molds and gauges for Volkswagen, Ford, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, PSA and Renault,etc.

Some information for bumper mold is as below:

Plastic Front Bumper Mould / Rear bumper Mould /

Mould steel: 1.2738 Steel

Steel hardness: 33HRC to 38HRC

Mould life:500,000 shots

Cavity: Stone Polish 1000

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