Australia Plans To Achieve 100% Environmentally Friendly Packaging By 2025

The Australian government today announced the latest National Packaging Targets, which are planned to achieve renewable or compostable packaging throughout Australia by 2025.

The National Packaging Development Goals plan that by 2025, 70% of Australia’s plastic packaging must be recyclable or compostable, and by 2025, an average of 30% of packaging must be recyclable.

Australia also plans to phase out problematic or unnecessary disposable plastic packaging and adopt alternatives through design or innovation.

Coca-Cola Amatil, Nestlé, Unilever, food supplier Simplot and food retailer Woolworths all said they would take practical action to support the National Packaging Development Goals.

Alex Holt, General Manager of Quality and Sustainability at Woolworths, stressed the importance of cooperation. “We are very happy to see so many leading companies in the industry participate in this valuable action. The road to a circular economy is not easy, but we Organized and actionable, it is easy to achieve the goal.”

The Australian Packaging Convention Organization released the above National Packaging Development Goals at yesterday’s event. Australian Environment Minister Melissa Price participated in the event with managers from companies in packaging, retail, logistics, manufacturing, recycling and waste management. Committed to making suggestions for the management of packaging waste.

Melissa Price also released the Australian Recycling Label to help achieve the 2025 National Packaging Target. According to her, the newly developed labeling system is designed to help consumers better understand how to recycle packaging. “The new recycling label allows people to quickly identify which bins should be packed into waste bins within a few seconds of deciding to discard packaging waste,” explains Melissa Price.

Currently, 200 recycling labels have been used in the Australian packaging industry, and the new labeling system aims to eliminate the confusion concept of recycling and reduce pollution in waste streams.

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