Arburg Pves The Way To The ‘Digital Road’

At the exhibition, Arburg’s booth area is 1,240 square meters, and the theme of the exhibition is “Digital Road”, which provides visitors with the opportunity to experience future injection molding.

At the press conference of Arburg, the company management team spokesperson and director Michael Hehl explained that the “digital road” has three implications. First, it means Arburg’s booth at Fakuma; second, ‘road’ or, more accurately, the road to K2019; third: signal to customers and potential buyers. ”

All of Arburg’s Allrounders debuted with their new modern color schemes “Mint Green, Light Gray and Dark Gray”. Beginning in 2019, this new color scheme will be used in all of Arburg’s Allrounder machines.

To facilitate digitalization, Arburg has developed six auxiliary software packages for the SELOGICA ND and GESTICA control systems and to display these packages on the booth.

The Arburg Duo Control Module (ATCM) also made its debut at the show. The heart of this turnkey system is the all-motor Allrounder 470 A with a clamping force of 1000 kN, which uses a 1 + 1 multi-cavity mold to produce the two housing parts of the level. The process also includes several test steps and a QR code label for each level. ATCM uses the OPC-UA interface to record information on the injection molding process for archival and big data analysis.

In addition, Arburg is also using the newly designed Allrounder 820 H oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine for the first time. This injection molding machine is specially designed for packaging applications and is equipped with the GESTICA control system. This high-performance injection molding machine has a clamping force of 3,700 kN and a redesigned 2,100 injection points. The machine is also equipped with an IML system that produces four thin-walled IML containers.

For Arburg, the value of new orders for machines and auxiliary equipment in the first half of 2018 (in euros) is more than 10% higher than last year. Regarding economic turmoil, such as the emerging “punitive tariffs” that may have an impact, sales general manager Gerhard Böhm said that uncertainty in certain markets has begun to emerge.

“For example, projects and/or decisions at certain production sites are experiencing minor delays,” he said. “But the impact has been very slight so far, and the business we have done in the most important markets has not changed significantly. ”

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