Aptar: UNO38mm Integrated Sports Bottle Cap

Named UNO 38mm, the all-new sports cap is a one-piece closure made of PP and offers a choice of translucent or opaque colors that fully meet the requirements and performance of the flip design. The cap is based on two 3-lead and 2-lead threads for single-handed opening and closing.

This design stems from the following three factors:

1. The growing demand for aseptic processing production, especially for juices and other beverages, drinking dairy products, ready-to-drink coffee and tea, preservative-free beverages and water with stable shelf requirements.

2. Dynamic growth in the consumption of single-cup portable beverages.

3. In the busy life, consumers’ demand for portable drinks is increasing.

UNO 38mm for H2O2 sterilization of fruit juices and dairy products, suitable for the following aseptic equipment suppliers: Krones, Serac, KHS and GEA. The UNO 38mm is also suitable for Claranor Puls’ Full Cap® for pulse light sterilization, ESL for over 60 days, and high-acid sterile lines.

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