Application Of Eco-Plastics Or Bio-Plastics In Automotive Industry

As we all know, eco-plastics or bio-plastics are among the fastest-growing material industries in the past decade. For example, the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata (2015) uses its own biomaterials for its small interiors, followed by the CX-9, etc. Heavy models also began to follow up.

Not only is the Mazda family optimistic about biomaterials, for example, as early as mid-2016, Ford Motor Company successfully became the world’s first car manufacturer to develop formulas and test new foaming materials and plastic parts using carbon dioxide as raw materials. Researchers expect that these new biomaterials will be formally used in Ford’s production models in the next five years. According to a research report by the BCC Survey Company, these products will reach a scale of about 6.1 million tons in 2020.

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