Americhem Expands Medical Pre-Coloring Engineering Plastic Product Line

Americhem is expanding its supply of pre-colored engineering plastics ColorRx® for medical applications, adding PC/ABS alloys and PC/polyester alloys.

The PC/polyester alloy has higher chemical resistance than standard PC/polyester alloys. Americhem modified engineering plastics provide comprehensive support testing for biocompatibility and chemical resistance. All products in the ColorRx® family are sold worldwide and serve the global medical device manufacturers.

“Our ColorRx® product line has passed biocompatibility testing and is compliant with USP Class VI or ISO 10993 standards,” said Jim Figaniak, vice president and general manager of Americhem modified engineering plastics: “We also offer locking formulations and Short delivery times and no minimum order quantity limits. These services help to reduce the material risks of medical manufacturers and speed up the product development process, thus accelerating the commercialization process.”

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