Adjust Product Portfolio, Add All Motor Investment

Currently, Sumitomo Demag has invested in two plants in Germany. The Wiehe plant is the global R&D center for Demag’s all-electric injection molding machines, and its advanced production assembly line increases production capacity by 30%. Another plant, Schwaig, is expected to double its platen processing capacity by the end of this year due to the commissioning of the new machining center.

To this end, Sumitomo Demag has adjusted its product portfolio to adapt to market changes. “In Germany, we have used super all-electric drive technology to replace the production of small full hydraulic presses. From FAKUMA 2018, we have a clamping force Investment in injection molding machines up to 1200kN will shift to hybrid drive technology for packaging and servo hydraulic toggle technology for small and medium-sized injection molding machines.

In addition, Sumitomo Demag’s product portfolio still includes the El-Exis SP series of injection molding machines with a wide range of applications with clamping forces ranging from 1,500 to 7,500 kN. For general purpose machines, the modular Systec is still suitable for injection molding machines with clamping forces between 1,600 and 15,000 kN.

Liebig firmly believes that ‘IntElect series high-precision injection molding machine is our leading product in the future. The injection molding machine with clamping force range of 500-4,500kN can be applied to a wide range of applications. We have delivered 65,000 all-electric injection molding machines, the company The internal development of the all-electric drive components is also being added, so that we can take the lead in the development of all-electric motors.’

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