A New Generation Of Sustainable, High Barrier Polymers For PET Bottles

Sustainability and high barrier function are current consumer requirements for food and beverage packaging. If you combine the two, you will be more sought after by the market. Solvay Specialty Polymers and Husky recently developed a new generation of sustainable, high barrier packaging solutions for the beverage market, Verian High Barrier Polyester (HBP).

The material is embedded in PET as a barrier layer, so that small-capacity PET bottles with better barrier properties can be introduced to meet the shelf life requirements of carbonated soft drinks. It is an excellent melt processable carbon dioxide barrier polymer for current carbonated soft drinks and other beverage bottling technology packaging solutions.

According to the introduction, the material is not a uniform single material solution, but a multilayer structure of bottles and films in which Verian high barrier polyester is used as the intermediate layer. The multilayer structure with only 2.5% Verian high barrier polyester as the intermediate layer has a barrier property five times that of PET and three times that of nylon multilayer structure. Therefore, it is a barrier solution that does not damage the high quality PET recycling chain, and its use as a barrier layer reduces the weight of the package, which can significantly reduce the amount of PET required to make the bottle. In addition, Solvay also hopes to use this material to make barrier films.

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