3D Printing Technology That Enables Automotive Customization

Although there are many models available on the market, after all, the same model is a production model produced in a mold, you are never unique. With the continuous maturity of 3D printing technology, I believe that one day in the future, we can definitely implement the universal application of vehicle customization based on 3D printing technology. Although vehicle customization based on 3D printing is still far away, there are already companies that are trying to provide consumers with the opportunity to design their own 3D printed cars.

Hackrod is creating some 3D prints for a car called “LaBandita.” It is the world’s first AI engineering 3D printing car designed with virtual reality technology. The company has partnered with Autodesk, a 3D printing software giant, and is now signing a partnership agreement with Siemens PLM Software to accelerate the realization of a shared vision of “consumers becoming the creators of the automotive industry in engineering design and manufacturing autonomy.” In addition, Hackrod will initially use design templates for customers to choose from. In simpler notes, every child on a piece of paper with graffiti and graffiti design can see it become a reality.

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