100% Recyclable PET Plastic For “Take Away Ready-To-Eat” Food Packaging

According to foreign media Foodbev, Faerch Plast has developed a new packaging material made from 100% recycled PET, which can be used to take away ready-to-eat food packaging.

The new material will be officially launched in January 2019 and will be promoted through Faerch Plast’s “Bring Now Ready” product channel.

The company says the material will help reduce the amount of nascent materials and help establish a closed loop system for PET trays.

Mark Tollman, Sales Director of Faerch Plast UK and Iceland, said, “We will continue to innovate our packaging and provide more ideas for our customers and the environment. This innovation is also our support for UK Plastics Pact. We are very proud to be UK Plastics One of Pact’s sponsoring member units.”

Earlier this year, Faerch Plast acquired the 4PET Group, a Dutch packaging materials and recycling specialist, to contribute to the company’s recycling economy for recyclable food trays.

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