End-Product Manufacturing

Fitmold offers a comprehensive service package for customers looking to outsource the full engineering, design and manufacturing processes, often including the manufacture of an end-use product. We will supply fully assemblied and packed products, which could be sold in the market directly.

Customers who pursue this solution often reference:
• Ability to leverage Fit's low-cost manufacturing facilities
• Quick ramp and/or high-volume manufacturing needs
• Agility and responsiveness through the development process
• Cost savings over hiring their own internal resources We serve
  industries in Personal Consumer Goods such as gifts, tools, toys,
  medical & healthy device, small electronic product etc.

Product design & engineering


Mold making

Plastic & Metal part making

Electronic Component sourcing and assmenbing

Sub-Assembly / Assembly Manufacturing

From product design for client's initial idea, making mold for clents'design or samples, process parts & conponents manufacturing, Electronic Components purching and assmenbing,IC programming to part assmenblying and packing we set up our "all for you"stragetry to keep closely communicating with clients.Listening to their feedback on our jobs, make adjustment and do it right. Everything is under your control.