Fitmold made die casting part for clinets in different industries (Nameplates, Airplane Parts, Aerospace Parts, Pumps, Housings, Car Parts, Handles, Brackets, Hardware, Signs and Displays.) in need of high-volume, low-cost components. Suitable for a range of metal alloys, die casting is capable of producing components with complicated shapes and highly attractive finishes. Die casting offers a number of other advantages:

Quick turnaround times – production runs can be completed very quickly relative to other manufacturing processes

Extremely accurate tolerances can reduce or eliminate the need for secondary machining operations

High-quality surface finish can be achieved

To make beautiful metal casting part, normal die casting process is just a base step, the subsequent steps such as debluring, Polishing, surface treatment ( Anodizing, Spray, Electrophoresis, Plating, Sandblasting) is also very important. Fitmold will make qualified surface accordig to client's requirement. You can send us copy samples, Reference Photos and your other requirent on the performace such as Conductivity, Corrosion resistance.

Magnesium alloy die casting

Aluminum alloy die casting

Zinc alloy die casting