Mold accessories

Beside the whole assembly die / tool / mold making Fitmold also provide service for undertakes the development and manufacture of a wide variety of accessories or components used in dies / molds / tools, including core pins, ejectors, Wear plate, gate-related products, custom shaped mold cores / cavities, mold inserts, mold sliders, mold lifters, punch-pins, which are the principal components of plastic molds, die-cast molds and metal stamping dies. Or different jigs, fixtures, clamps which is useful in mold / die / tool making and inspecion.

We can start with existing paper drawings, 3D models to create accurate tool layouts. Then labeling the different requirement in different area in the drawings. Before the production, we will optimize each process to create a high-efficiency, micron-level precision scheme. Enable us to provdie high-quality products in short delivery time and at a low price.


We will mainly use CNC machining (CNC milling, EDM, Wire cutting, lathing) to manufature the mold parts or components, which guarantee the part dimension Consistent with the drawings. While handworks is still useful to solve the problem not suitable for machine, for example, finishing and polishing, weilding.

Secondary Operation

Secondary Operation is necessay when it need to reach the requirement from clients. They have the same aim Substantially---- Abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

We normally use technics such as heat treating, nitriding, electroplating, e-coating to process the half finished or finished parts


Fitmold can assemble each components or parts into a unit or assembly group. Our experienced tooling works are good at fitting, Fastening the mold components and weilding part surfaces together to make the whole assembly products.

1. CNC machining Center. (UG programming, Mitsubishi system), mainly used for high speed rough milling and precise milling. Can work 24hrs everyday.

2. Wire cutting machine. mainly used for cutting the steel or red brass electrode at specified shape or dimension.

3.CNC Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) , mainly used for precise machining complex surface or plane by Galvanic corrosion with electrode. Other equipments Precision grinding machine, drilling machine, etc.