Stamping die

Fitmold manufactures precision metal stampings for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, connectors, and telecommunications industries.  We team with manufacturers to develop custom engineered stamped components to meet individual program requirements or work with you to solve problems caused by a poorly designed existing metal stampings. 

Fitmold’ stamping parts varies from Stainless steel, CRS (Cold-rolled steel), Aluminum, Copper and Brass in different industries.Our stamping department consists of 20 presses up to 180 tons. Most presses are equipped with the most current controls enabling us to integrate modern sensing technology into our tooling. It guantree the stamping part quality in mass production (large quanty).

We also equipped with Laser Cutting Machine and CNC Turret Punch Press. Which support Small quanity metal stamping. There will be no stamping die cost when clients need low volume metal parts. Same as the stamping prototypes.

Beyound the samping works, Fitmold also provide MIG Welding,  Gas Metal Arc Welding  TIG Welding   Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Spot Welding Riveting  Surface treatment and Mechanical Assembly.

Line dies

Fitmold made Line dies which are used to make low-volume parts not requiring an automated tool or die. They may also be used to make large parts which are not practical to be run from several dies in a single press. These parts are then often run in "tandem line" presses combining automation to automatically move the parts between these presses.

Progressive dies

Fitmold made Progressive dies which are used for higher volume parts needing to run automatically at high rates of speed (strokes per minute). Normally the parts tend to be smaller, but there are also larger part applications as well. Fitmold designed and built hundreds of progressive dies for parts with a wide range of material thicknesses and coil widths. We also design to fit your press(es). We can also design to do curling and hemming.