Die casting mold

Fitmold make die casting die / tool / mold to enable our clients using them producing high quality alloy parts. (Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, Magnesium alloy )

Die casting die / tool / mold is made the similar way as plastic injection mold. We use the same machine, the same processing methods. (Metal cutting, milling, EDM…ect). Considering the feature of alloy and the size and structure of alloy products, die casting die / tool / mold designs in different way. Beside that, the steel applied in Die casting die / tool / mold is "Hot work die / tool steel" which is hardened to enable it durable for high Temperature and pressure.

Resonable die / tool / mold design.

Compared to common plasitc, Liquid metal alloy (Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, Magnesium alloy ) has worse fluidity. It callenges the die / tool / mold design, specifically the gating, the, the OVERFLOW.

Precise workmanship

The main cores, cavities, inserts and sliders of die casting die / tool / mold is rough mached by our NC equipment in the beginning. Then moved to processing the heat treatment. After that it will be continued to precision work, such as finishing milling, EDM, polishing, ect. All the steps are Irreversible. They should be done successfully one time.

genuine material and solid substance

The steel is so important in die casting die / tool / mold. If it's not harden enough, the die casting die / tool / mold may not durable to accomodate the temperature fluctuations of the molten metal injecting under force. The die / tool / mold will be easliy damaged. On the other hand if the steel is hardened to much, it will be brittle and cracked.

Fitmold purchased the steel from International brands such as 8407 from Sweden AASB Sweden, H13 from American Finkl, 2344 Germany saarstahl. SKD-61 from Japan DAIDO, which gurantee the quality of raw material. We only process the heat treatment via LKM which is also the relable.