Engineering Excellence

In order to help our customers to commercialize their ideas, FItmold also provides product design services.
we specialise in the development of competitive and innovative product design solutions for companies who have their own idea and trying to realize it. For over 10 years Fitmold has successfully assisted our honored clients pushing their products to maket.

Fitmold provide a complete turn-key product development package from idea generation, design and engineering, through to prototype trials and finally to optimised production. The industries we serived are 1. Electronic, digital camera , DVD/VCD ,MP3/4 , Coffe oven, hair dryer, LED light case and so on  ; 2.Medical devices, BUltrasound scanner case, Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging case, and etc ;  3. Telecommunications, micro speaker, phone protyper, computer, video and etc; 4. Autoparts, like dashboard, car lamp, bar,Automobile and motorcycle; 5. Household appliance, Rice cooker, Air conditioner, Induction cooker, TV, Fanshower and etc; 6. Kitchenwares,Crafts, Perfume bottle, Lighter,Kitchenware, Cookie molds, Utensil handle, Coffee; 7. Toys, Game handle/controller, Toy plane and etc. 

How can we help you ?
1. You give us your idea.
You can show your mind via your sketch, reference photos, reference video, or you make a model or a reference products to us;
2. We fully understand your ideas from a manufacturing point of view and we will communicate with you to adjust and improve the initial style.
3. We help you to modeling the product, and sourcing the circuit (If necessary)
4. When the design finisished we will provide you the whole set of drawings, you can modify the visual appearance and check the structure.
5. After you confirm the design, we can evaluate the production costs preliminary, and ready for prototyping.
6. Delivery the prototype for your test.