Plastic injection mold

FitMold made 150~220 sets of plastic injection mold every year. 70% are shipped to different area around the world, helping our clients injecting ferfect plastic partsat different indusries such as: Sports & Leisure, Baby & Children's Products, Electronics, Gifts & Premiums, Medical & Health Products, Telecom Products, Auto Parts & Accessories.

FitMold combine the "CAD" "CAM" "CAE" technology with 20 years tool making experience and craftsmanship which guarantee the good performance and accurany of the molds. The custom plastic injection molds including the cold runner plastic injection mold, hot runner plastic injection mold, over mold, stack mold, gas assistant mold, 2 color injecton mold.

Good mold makes good part. Fitmold gaurantee the mold quality from 3 main aspects;

Resonable mold design

Different products in different industry areas will have different requirement. As a professional mold maker, fitmold keep abreast of the latest knowledge for molding in different indusries, which is very helpful in mold design. We will notice the key points during mold design process, which laid the foundation of successful mold. The key points including: core & cavity collocation; Gating design, Parting Line Surfaces design, Ejection system design, Cooling structure design (Water Channels), vent system design.

Genuine material and solid substance

Fitmold have good cooperative relationship with HONGKONG Lung Kee Group (LKM) in the area of mold base purchase, high grade mold steel purchase, high grade copper purchasing, precision machining, heat treatment. The latter is is one of the world leading mould base manufacturers, high grade Steel agent selling world famouse brand such as ASSAB, DAIDO, Finkl. All the material we used in your mold is World class standard, which is qualified enough.

Precise workmanship

Fitmold is equipted with the lastest CAD / CAE software which can read and analyse the data drawing from clients. Our programming system will transfer the data into our NC (numerical control ) machine to enable precise machining. Our main tooling equipment is

1. CNC machining Center. (UG programming, Mitsubishi system), mainly used for high speed rough milling and precise milling. Can work 24hrs everyday.

2. Wire cutting machine. mainly used for cutting the steel or red brass electrode at specified shape or dimension.

3.CNC Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) , mainly used for precise machining complex surface or plane by Galvanic corrosion with electrode. Other equipments Precision grinding machine, drilling machine, etc.