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  • Vision

    FIT PRECISION MOLD CO., LTD provide good quality mold making service. Beside that we can assist you in the area of parts manufacture & OEM making area    

  • Specific work

    FIT PRECISION MOLD CO., LTD (FIT)assist the clients in their products develping and manufacturing job by good communication between clients and our business elite...    More >>

  • value-added services

    PFIT helps clients to analysis and adjust design, makes it more close to the visual, functional & marketing requirement.    

Product Center

  • Plastic injection mold

    FitMold made 150~220 sets of plastic injection mold every year. 70% are shipped to different area around the world, helping our clients injecting ...    More >>

  • Mold accessories

    CBeside the whole assembly die / tool / mold making Fitmold also provide service for undertakes the development and manufacture...    More >>

  • Casting products

    Fitmold made die casting part for clinets in different industries (Nameplates, Airplane Parts, Aerospace Parts, Pumps, Housings...    More >>

  • Stamping products

    Fitmold manufactures precision metal stampings for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, connectors...    More >>

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